What people are saying…

"I enthusiastically recommend the services offered by DIY Scholars without reservation. Deciding to homeschool during high school reflects a certain independence of spirit, but can be daunting. Seeking to marshall the best resources available to contribute to a successful high school career, we contacted DIY Scholars. The workshops and individualized consulting offered at DIY Scholars became invaluable as we embarked upon the college application process. The workshops provided background information on the application process as a whole, as well as important tips about what to look for in a college or university and how to tailor the search to a particular student. The consulting services streamlined the search, provided third party deadlines for my student, and helped direct the timeline for the application process. The guidance and insight provided were essential to making the college application season an exciting time, rather than a daunting burden. I look forward to working with DIY Scholars again in the future!" 

                                                                                                                                                               - Camilla​

"Kendall is not only a wealth of knowledge in all things pertaining to education,  but she exudes a confidence that always leaves me feeling stronger and more determined to home educate my children. Kendall can ask all of the right questions to get my wheels spinning as to what I want for my family and to help me step outside of the box to achieve those things.  I ALWAYS leave our brainstorming time together better than I was when we started and equipped with an abundance of quality resources. I've never questioned or second-guessed any advice that she has given me.  While homeschooling is a personal choice for my family,  I strongly believe that Kendall is a true asset to any educational community!"

- Michele 



"Kendall has a tremendous depth of knowledge about successfully homeschooling through high school. She has helped me find resources that I never would have known about without her. Her children are two of the best prepared homeschoolers I know."

- Lisa


"There are other companies offering a similar service; however, DIY Scholars Consulting is the one I trust to help navigate this educational process with my son. Kendall has been freely offering direction and advice in our circle for over a decade. She's become a trusted source, taking the time to research different subject matter and sharing this information readily. Kendall has become the "go to" person in our circle of friends thanks to her wealth of knowledge. She shares what worked and what didn't, in an objective manner.  It's been my pleasure speaking with her over the years as she is easy to talk to, very practical, and trustworthy."

- Nadia



"Kendall has done her homework. She has spent hours sifting information from colleges, the testing organizations, and homeschool resources and acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience in the process. She is my go-to person for college application and homeschooling in high school questions."

- Lisa



"When Kendall told me she was starting her own educational consulting business, I didn’t bat an eye.  It was a natural progression from what she’s already been doing for 13 years. I’ve known Kendall for almost 8 years. During that time I have known her to have the highest character and integrity.  She does all things with the maximum effort and to high standards. I like to refer to my friend Kendall as my personal Wikipedia.  I have a question; she has the answer.  It’s a joke really, but not at all far from the truth.  She is always learning, always questioning, always striving for the best.  Her expertise in the area of homeschooling and giving her kids every possible opportunity for growth and experience is unmatched. If you need help or have questions regarding anything regarding the education of your children and the processes therein, Kendall is your woman.  She is wise, thorough, and thoughtful.  She will advise you according to your own individual situation and empower you to get it done yourself.  Her DIY approach is born out of more than just her own personal experience. She truly believes in the authority and autonomy of homeschooling parents, and as a result she has educated her children in the way that is best for them.  I’m thrilled to see her stepping out in faith to share her expertise with others. She will be a huge blessing to all!"

- Stephanie 




"I have known Kendall for more than 30 years. I really know her. And even though our friendship spans decades, her true gift to me has been as a trusted parent. 


At the end of our son's kindergarten year, my husband and I met with the head of school: "Can our son be successful here?" She assured us he could. But half way into first grade, we knew the challenges were bigger than anticipated, and that we needed intervention. Our boy, just seven years old, hated school and was refusing to read. 


It was the summer before second grade and I was heartbroken, confused, and definitely at a crossroads. How was I going to send my child back to school when he felt so defeated and unhappy? I called my longtime friend to consult with her as an experienced educator, and Kendall had some radical advice: "Homeschool. Trust that you can guide him and give him what he needs. Stop making him read and stop even bringing it up. Come to my house, and I'll show you how to help him love learning again."


I spent hours with her one humid, hot day. She showed me dusty folders she had designed for her daughter around literature, history, math and art. She recommended books and activities after questioning me about my son's personality and interests. She talked me through second, third and fourth grade. She was generous - with her time, knowledge and experience.


And we did it! We homeschooled for a year while searching for the school that would be the best fit for our boy. With Kendall’s guidance, we navigated a challenging time. The boy is now thriving academically and loving fourth grade. "

- Heather