Serious Summer Fun — Engage, Enrich, and Entertain Your Kids on a Shoestring Budget

Do your kids or teens tell you that they’re bored in the summer?  Do they spend too much time plugged in or in front of the TV?  Perhaps the thought of keeping your kids or teens occupied over the summer causes you stress.  Maybe you’ve noticed that they forget much of what they learned by the start of the new school year, or you just want them to use their time constructively.  This is a thirty-minute workshop.


This DIY Scholars Consulting workshop will equip you to help your kids or teens avoid the summer brain drain, get them to unplug, and go beyond the required summer reading list.  Learn how to craft a plan on a shoestring budget that will keep your kids or teens engaged with minimal parental oversight while developing their independence and goal setting and time management skills.  You will leave with a template to create a customizable DIY Scholars Summer Challenge for your kids or teens.


Target audience: Parents of students in grades K – 12.