Navigating the Path from High School to College:

First Generation Edition

Does your child want to go to college?  Do you have the right plan to get him or her from high school to college?  This DIY Scholars Consulting workshop is designed for parents of students who will be the first in their families to obtain a four-year degree.  It is designed to remove any intimidation factors associated with applying and going to college, and demystifying the path a student must take to get there.  This is a three-hour workshop.


Topics include: planning for high school, selecting high school courses, planning for standardized tests, determining requirements for applying to college, applying to college, getting the most out of college tours, navigating the logistics of going to college, earning FREE college credits while in high school, and much more.  You will leave with a roadmap and timeline to get your student to college.


Target audience:  Parents of students in grades 7 and up.