About Us

Why DIY?

We all have a tolerance level for DIY projects.  Some people are the “all-in” types.  They like to do the research, gather the supplies, and provide the labor.  Others prefer to avoid the research, but don’t mind gathering the supplies or doing the work.  Still, there are those who don’t want anything to do with the research or supplies.  They only want marching orders to commence the work. These are the “just tell me what to do” types. There is no wrong tolerance level.  There are simply preferences. The common end goal is that every person has a finished project. 

The DIY approach to your child’s education is no different.  Your child’s education is your project.  There are easily accessible and readily available resources that you can use for your project.   DIY Scholars Consulting is here to help you leverage those resources. Regardless of your preference for DIY projects, DIY Scholars Consulting is here to equip you to navigate a path for your student.  Let DIY Scholars Consulting help you as much or as little as you want!  

Meet Kendall


Welcome!  Thanks for stopping by.  DIY Scholars Consulting was born after years of offering educational advice and sharing “how to” knowledge with a small network of my friends and acquaintances.  That network expanded to my local homeschool community and beyond.  My reputation for resourcefulness, research, and knowledge often spurred requests to offer my services to yet a larger community.  Through DIY Scholars Consulting I am able to fulfill my passion of equipping and coaching parents to best meet their children’s educational needs and goals. 


My DIY approach to education began in 2003 when I fell into homeschooling after eight years of practicing law.  It was then that I successfully taught my four-year-old daughter to read using nothing more than a $15 book recommended by a friend. 

I had never taught anyone to read, nor had I even thought about it.  I had no special training, background, or education degree. My ability to read and follow directions, consistency, and time were all that were needed.  This empowering experience was the genesis of my passion for all things DIY. 


My eclectic and dynamic homeschool journey has included home instruction, outsourced third-party instruction in various settings, and enrichment opportunities such as career shadowing and long-term volunteering.  It’s included the successful navigation of both the college search and application process, the culmination of which has resulted in substantial merit scholarships. 


Although I remain a California girl at heart, Georgia has been my home since 1993.  It is where I live with my husband Brian, my college sweetheart and biggest supporter, and two awesome teens.  When I’m not working, you may find me working out, reading, in-line skating, traveling, crafting, or hanging out with friends and family.


I’d love to help you create and navigate the best educational path for your student.  Let me know how DIY Scholars Consulting can be of assistance.