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"Kendall has a tremendous depth of knowledge about successfully homeschooling through high school. Her children are two of the best prepared homeschoolers I know..."

— Lisa

"Kendall is not only a wealth of knowledge in all things pertaining to education,  but she exudes a confidence that always leaves me feeling stronger and more determined to home educate my children..."

"There are other companies offering a similar service; however, DIY Scholars Consulting is the one I trust to help navigate this educational process with my son. Kendall has been freely offering direction and advice in our circle for over a decade..."

— Michele

— Nadia

"Kendall simplified a very complex process.  She knows the ins and outs of high school academic requirements, different colleges’ requirements , and scholarship requirements. She provides a much needed service in the homeschool arena.  I will definitely use her again in the future." 

--- Elizabeth